011: Going Outside Your Comfort Zone

by John Bukenas on February 5, 2013


comfort-20zone-smallIn this episode I challenge you to venture outside your comfort zone.  It seems that every time I challenge myself positive things happen.  I also talk about starting the Lifestyle 180 Program from the Leanness Lifestyle University.  And I have listener feedback from my My Fitness Pal friend Toni.  I will also update you on my weight loss progress.

What is the Definition of a Comfort Zone?

  • Comfort zone – the temperature range (between 28 and 30 degrees Centigrade or 82.4 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit) at which the naked human body is able to maintain a heat balance without shivering or sweating.
    • Not the definition I was looking for but I found that information interesting so I wanted to share.
  • It can also mean a situation or position in which a person feels secure, comfortable, or in control.
    • A person’s personality can be described by his or her comfort zones. Highly successful persons may routinely step outside their comfort zones, to accomplish what they wish.
    • A comfort zone is a type of mental conditioning that causes a person to create and operate mental boundaries.
    • Such boundaries create an unfounded sense of security.
    • A person who has established a comfort zone in a particular area of their life, will tend to stay within that zone without stepping outside of it.
    • To step outside a comfort zone, a person must experiment with new and different behaviours, and then experience the new and different responses that then occur within their environment.
    • Over time we develop habits, these habits turn into routines, daily routines.  We form these from past experiences.  Something we learned, something that worked or didn’t work in the past help us form these habits or routines.  As we go through life we might even forget why or how we come to have these habits but they make us comfortable.
    • I’ll use myself as an example.
    • And as I look back, every time I took myself outside my comfort zone, something positive happen.
    • Sure it can be scary, We are in uncharted waters.  We know what we want to do, but sometimes our past experiences hold us back.
    • Honestly, most of the negativity is in your head.
      • It’s a reflexion of what you think of yourself.
      • I am guilty of it.  I did it.
    • Has your comfort zone got you in this condition and is it will keeping you there?
    • I’m here to challenge you to go outside your comfort zone.  Make a lofty goal and then make a plan to reach it.  And when that plan doesn’t work, figure out what went wrong, and make a new plan.

Listener Feedback:

  • I received a voicemail from my “My Fitness Pal” friend Toni.
    • She has done an amazing job of losing weight and has set a goal of running a half marathon.
    • She has asked me a question on what I think the medical community should be doing to help people suffering from obesity besides bariatric surgery?
    • I want them to come up with an alternative, less invasive plan to deal with obesity.
    • So what plan is that?  Right now are there any tried and true programs offered by the medical community?
    • Well I’m not a doctor, or a therapist and I don’t play one on TV, but if you want to know what my plan would be to treat the problem not the symptoms.
    • Weight gain is the symptom of something else.
      • Is it emotional, physical, environmental?
      • Everyone is different.
    • You basically need a team.  You need a doctor, a therapist, a nutritionist, and a physical therapy trainer to diagnose and then set up treatment.
    • The problem is no one seems to want to work together.
    • Then we need the government to pressure the insurance companies to pay for these treatments.
      • Stop hiding behind the term “experimental treatment” and
      • Stop separating mental health from health insurance.
      • Honestly, it’s one in the same.
    • Trying to get the insurance company to cover the cost is like watching a magic act.  There is misdirection, sleight of hand and smoke and mirrors going on at the same time.

LifeStyle180_ThumbnailLeanness Lifestyle University and Lifestyle 180

  • I said that once someone can up with a plan that would address all aspects of weight loss I would sign up.
    • And my prayers have been answered.  I listen to a lot of podcasts.  I listen to podcasts about podcasting and also about weight loss.
    • Dave Jackson from The School of Podcasting is on my subscribe list of podcasts to listen.  So last week I’m getting ready to go to sleep and I usually listen to a podcast like some people read a book.
    • Dave Jackson also does a podcast about weight loss called Logical Weight Loss last week’s guest was David Greenwalt from Leanness Lifestyle University
    • I’m listening to this the whole interview and he is hitting all the points that I said I want.
      • Training in all aspects of weight loss,
      • From people who have been there and done that.
      • Who know what I am going through.
    • So I get up out of bed and go online and signed up that night.  I’m in the program.  I had a warm up week and I love the responsiveness of everyone there.  One thing about me, I don’t mind asking questions and they have been great.

My Progress

  • Now I have unofficially been using the Lifestyle 180 plan for a week.
    • My last weigh in (Two Weeks Ago) I was at 413.0 pounds,
    • I had moved up to 416 last week.
    • Right now I am at 409.0.  I couldn’t believe it.
    • Now I still have to weather a super bowl party but hopefully I won’t sabotage my progress.

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