015: Interview with Holly Jordan Rose from 300 Pounds Down

by John Bukenas on March 12, 2013


Holly RoseIn this episode I have an interview with Holly Jordan Rose from the blog 300 pounds down.com.  Holly is an amazing woman.  Holly is open and honest about every topic she writes about. I am a huge fan of Holly’s blog and I’m excited to introduce her to you.

Holly also moderates a Facebook Christian weight loss support group called Weigh to Victory

Holly and I talk about her weight loss journey.

How Holly deals with her sugar addiction.

Lee Jordan (Holly’s Brother) can be found on twitter @30sectovictory

Video of Lee Jordan’s Journey

Beth Jordan (Holly’s Sister in Law)can be found on twitter @bethtrains4life

Beth’s website is http://www.crosstrainfitnessbybeth.com/

My Progress

  • My last weigh in was 400.8 pounds,
  • Right now I am at 389.5 pounds
  • That’s a 11.3 pound total loss
  • Still in the Lifestyle 180 program and things are getting for familiar.
  • I still need to do a better job at weight training.  It still feels awkward.
  • But my cravings are just about gone and the ones I have are controllable and I truly believe it’s because I have changed my way of eating from whole foods and eliminating sugar and gluten.  Now I know my friend Lainie is saying,  “I told you to do this months ago.” and Lainie was right, I just wasn’t ready to accept those restrictions, but I am now.
  • I will not give in or give up.
  • If you want to check out the Leanness Lifestyle University go to Let’s Reverse Obesity.com and click on the link and since I’m an affiliate you will get the same low price and I will receive a commission that helps with the costs of producing this podcast. Now do me a favor, if you are not 100% committed to losing weight don’t join.  It’s not for someone who is wishy washy.  This plan is not easy, it take commitment, but it is going to be so worth it.  But if you are ready, I highly recommend the Lifestyle 180 Program.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey.  I really appreciate you spending some time with me. And as always, I would love to hear about your progress.

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I came over here from Holly's website.  Really enjoyed the interview, I will definitely be subscribing to your podcast!  Congratulations on the 100 pounds, keep it up!

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