018: Interview with Sean Webb from the I Am Podcast

by John Bukenas on June 11, 2013


In this episode:

  • I will be talking about where I have been and the direction of this show in the future.
  • I will also be talking to Sean Webb from the I Am Podcast.  Ladies and Gentlemen wait to you listen to Sean.  You will be saying to yourself, “It can’t be this easy?” But it is.
  • Imagine if there was a simple explanation for how your brain handles your emotions?  Well actually there is.
  • No matter what I write in these notes I will not be able to describe Sean’s teachings.  So what I will do is give you links so you can go see for yourself.
  • If you have issues with emotional eating, binge eating, anger management and any other emotions I strongly recommend you check out Sean’s Mind, Body, Spirit 101 course.  It’s free and I believe it to be Step One in any fat reduction program.
  • If you understand his Body, Mind, Spirit diagram and what makes up the emotions that are sabotaging your progress, your way of eating and exercise will become much easier to maintain.
  •  Here is the First Video in the series.

John Where Have You Been?

  • I guess you have wondered where I have been.  Maybe you thought I have given up?  If you are following me in real time it’s been a month and a week since my last show.  If you discover this show later you won’t realize there was a break in the show.
  • The reason is because I needed to work through some issues and see what works.  To be honest I think I might have jumped the gun on starting this show and I will tell you why.
    • I started this podcast to document my weight loss journey and for accountability.
    • The funny thing was, as you know if you have been listening, is I hit many road blocks along the way and I had to research and troubleshoot my program.
    • I had to learn to fail.
    • I also had to learn that just because I failed or my plan failed I was not a failure.
    • In episode 14 I talked about the 6 steps needed to make a change.
      • Change does not always flow forward.
      • At times you can move back and forth through these steps.
    •  So this show, in my mind, started to become pressure.
      • Because I am not perfect.
      • Because I don’t have all the answers.
      • Because I needed to troubleshoot myself before I could tell you what was working and what was not, for me.
  • So I had to rethink the format of this show.
    • There are two totally different aspects to this show
      • The information and news about reversing obesity.
      • My personal struggle with obesity.
    • So this is how I decided to handle the format of the show.
  • The show that is “Let’s Reverse Obesity” will be a weekly show available by Friday.
    • The show will deal with information and news about obesity.
    • I will also answer any questions or share and feedback and success stories I recieve from you.
    • I will also from time to time interview people who I find and want to introduce to you.
    • This show will be produced weekly and ready for you by Friday.
    • The show will be at least a 30 minute show.
    • That is a promise.
  • I will also start a audio blog.
    • The audio blog will be about my journey.
    • I will discuss my issues and how I am handling them.
    • If I am struggling I will talk about what is going on.
    • It will be about me and “The Struggle” that we are all going through.
    • The audio blog will not have a set schedule.
    • The audio blog will not have a set length.

Thank you so much for joining me on this journey.  I really appreciate you spending some time with me. And as always, I would love to hear about your progress.

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