022: Reversing Obesity with Reflection and Resetting my Plan

by John Bukenas on September 10, 2013


self-reflectionIn this episode I will be discussing a new weight loss hypnosis app available for your iPhone

I will also give you an update of where I have been in the last month and my plans for the future.

But first, I want to tell you that This episode is sponsored by Zen Runner.  Zen Runner has the Slow Runners Club podcast about runners who do not have the need for speed.  Zen and his co-host Eddie Marathon talk about their love of running.  They travel all over and run in events and they tell all these great stories about their travels.  I’ll tell you what, they make me want to run. Yes, it makes me want to run. Not that I can run, because of my knees, but it makes me want to run. You can also follow Zen on Facebook and Twitter.

I dont runI want to thank Zen for his contribution to the show.

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So after the last episode I installed a neat donation widget on the website where you could donate if you want.  Now this is the first time I am mentioning this widget.  Well I get an email that someone made a donation, out of the blue.  It was Zen.  I was shocked, and humbled.

So as things in my life goes, the widget I used all of a sudden disappeared off of my site.  I guess programer the stopped supporting the widget and it “Poof” just disappeared.

So I went back and found a Pay Pal Buy Button so if you want, you can become a show producer too.  I will announce all producers on the show.  All you have to do is go to the right side bar there is a virtual tip jar and you can pick an option and make a donation.

But Zen was the first show sponsor and you know what they say, “You never forget your first.”

Weight Loss Hypnosis App

weightloss hyp appYes there is an App for that.  I found a weight loss hypnosis App for my iphone I have been using this for the past few weeks.  Now I’m not too sure on how effective it is for weight loss, but what I will tell you if you have issues falling asleep at night this App is for you.  Most nights when I try to go to sleep my head is swimming with information.  My brain will not shut down.  But when I listen to this App I go out like a light.  They also say that even though you are asleep, that your subconscious is still listening and is processing the information.

There is a free version and a paid version.  I recommend the paid version.  It’s only $2.99 and it unlocks some features.  The free version has a bit of a lengthy intro you can disable with the paid version.  That is worth the $2.99, trust me.

This is right from the App’s website:

“By changing your subconscious thoughts, the Lose Weight with Hypnosis app helps you lose weight permanently and easily.

Studies show that by adding hypnosis to a weight loss program, participants lost more weight than those who didn’t receive hypnosis. And they kept it off, even years later.

After listening to this app for just 20 minutes daily for one to three weeks, you’ll begin to notice how much you enjoy eating healthy food and exercising. And before you know it, you aren’t even trying to lose weight — it just happens naturally.”

Now I have to be honest.  I haven’t hit that “Enjoy healthy food and Exercising” phase yet, but I do listen to this every night and it puts me into a very deep sleep.  The only thing I did notice was the other day I heard a bell ring and I barked like dog for a minute, but besides that I do recommend the App. (The barking like a dog statement was a joke)

So I’m sure many of you have been wondering what’s up with John?  He puts out 3 weekly episodes in a row and takes a month’s vacation.

One of the things I need to do is communicate better with you.  If I can get a podcast out, then I need to write a blog post, or post something on the Let’s Reverse Obesity Facebook page or the private Facebook Group. But to just disappear is unacceptable and for that I sincerely apologize.

But life just has a way of upending you sometimes.

In the past month I have to move, if that isn’t a real treat.  I despise moving, but sometimes you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit.

I started hosting shows for the TV Talk Network which is a whole lot of fun.  That truly is a blessing.  I also just started editing other shows for TV Talk so that I’m also excited about.

And I made the move from using a PC and went to a MAC.  There was a little learning curve there, but I absolutely love my MAC.  And honestly, I think the show is going to sound better because of the change.

So I had 3 major things happen, 2 good and one bad, and something had to give.  And the first thing I throw out of the plane to lighten the load, my way of eating and exercise.

I really need to make this priority one.

I always put myself at the back of the line.  I also have to be honest, maybe I use these life issues as an excuse, that is true.

But old habits die hard, and new habits are very easy to kill. That is my problem.

The funny thing is that I now know that I have the knowledge, tools and the support, but now I need the focus and motivation.

I took all the time to research, learn, and make a brutally honest assessment and I’m not going to finish?  That’s like swing three quarters of the way across the ocean and thinking you can’t make it and then swimming all the way home.

tired of starting overSo how did I fall off the wagon?  I didn’t plan.

  • I didn’t plan and prepare food
  • I didn’t schedule exercise
  • I didn’t document what I was eating in My Fitness Pal

I just turned inward.  Have you done that?  Just turned inward, disconnected from everything?  I know you have.  You know what that feeling is?

It’s the quit.

That’s what that is, and now that I’m explaining it you are nodding your head in agreement.

So now that I know it’s the quit, I know what I need to do.  Take it head on, don’t back down, don’t turn inward.  I gotta tell you just admitting that I have the quit in me is embarrassing.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!  Every time I feel the quit I need to keep telling myself, Ain’t nobody got time for that.

So I do need to hold myself accountable for reaching this goal.  But I need help, I need you.  The Facebook Group is going to be where I go for the support and encouragement when I feel the quit.

Best part of this is tomorrow is always a fresh start and yesterday is just a memory.  So this is a perfect time for you to join me and the other 9 people in the Facebook Group.

There are already some great people in there and I need to start using their strength to help me when I’m battling the quit.

Are you with me? Just send me a Facebook friend request.  There is a link in the show notes or just go to Facebook.com/john.bukenas and I will add you to the group.

If I may I would like to talk about something a little off topic.  I was given an opportunity to host some shows for the TV Talk Network. Now I’m sure You’re saying, “John, what’s that?”  Well I’m going to tell you.  TV Talk is a network of shows that do an after show about your favorite TV shows.  I host Rookie Blue, Dexter, and Hell on Wheels, and this fall I will be hosting a show for Blue Bloods on CBS.  There are going to be 50 TV Talk shows starting up this fall and I hope you come check out your favorite show.  I’m not sure I’m explaining this correctly so just listen to this.


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