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My Fitness Pal is My # 1 Weight Loss Tool

by John Bukenas on January 6, 2013

myfitnesspalAs I move into the New Year with updated goals and a some success and failures to learn from I started to think what was was the number one tool that helped my success.  And hands down it was using the “My Fitness Pal App” on my iPhone.

With the introduction of the iPhone 4S and 5, many wireless phone provides will upgrade you to an iPhone 4 for free.  It’s not totally free, because you have to add a data plan but it is still a great deal.

I am going to start adding video’s to my arsenal of weight loss information.  I did a quick video on how to add additional meals to the My Fitness Pal App.

I am going to add to this video series because there is so much you can do with this app it’s amazing.

Here is my 1st instructional video:

If you have any ideas or questions you would like me to do a short instructional video on let me know.


Who are the “Real” Weight Loss Experts?

by John Bukenas on September 27, 2012

I have to say my head is spinning. Since I have recommitted to losing weight, I have done a lot of research. There is so much information on how to lose weight it boggles the mind. The more research I do the more confused I become because for every opinion, the is an exact opposite counter opinion.

And this information is coming from the medical community, the “experts.”

So if the “experts” can’t seem to agree, how do we know how to proceed with a weight loss program that is safe?

I have to say I’m really down on the whole medical community when it comes to the treatment of obesity. I have been told for eight years now by doctors that I’m too far gone to lose this weight on my own and my ONLY recourse was gastric bypass surgery. So I researched the procedure, what they do to you. And the aftermath, how and what you eat after the surgery. Honestly, there was no way I wanted any part of that lifestyle.

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t think others should not opt for gastric bypass surgery. That is their choice and I have seen many success stories and I have seen many people graze right through the surgery and stretch out their stomach, and gain their weight back.

You would think with all the people who are already obese and the rising trend of obesity that they sure would have a lot of practice treating this condition. But I hear a lot of talk and not much action. Oh, doctors and now some politicians give obesity some “lip service.” In New York it’s against the law to sell a soda over 20 ounces. Is it against the law to buy two 20 ounce sodas? No it’s not. A lot of good that law did.

As I have started my journey to a healthier lifestyle I have encountered some amazing people. People who are overcoming obesity with and without surgery. They are such an inspiration to me. They make me realize I can do this.

Most of them have no medical or nutritional training what so ever. What they have is a desire to reclaim their quality of life back. They also know what a daily and sometime hourly struggle it can be to stay committed. Many reach out and selflessly support others who are struggling because they have been in that situation and know the internal conflict it causes.

To me, my fellow dieters are the experts. Everyday they are fighting the war and winning the battles with themselves to live a healthier and happier life. I am blessed with a great support system. The funny part of this is I have never met any of them personally. But I don’t have to, I know they have my back and I have theirs. We message, and status update and tweet to each other in our times of weakness, our time of self doubt. Because even if I don’t think I can do this any more. My friends know I can.

If you are struggling with losing weight please reach out to others. They will help. Many of us, myself included, can’t do this alone. The good news is now we don’t have to be alone. If you don’t have anyone to reach out to, reach out to me. I will introduce you to some amazing people who are doing amazing things with their lives. You can be doing it too, just ask.