My Fitness Pal is My # 1 Weight Loss Tool

by John Bukenas on January 6, 2013

myfitnesspalAs I move into the New Year with updated goals and a some success and failures to learn from I started to think what was was the number one tool that helped my success.  And hands down it was using the “My Fitness Pal App” on my iPhone.

With the introduction of the iPhone 4S and 5, many wireless phone provides will upgrade you to an iPhone 4 for free.  It’s not totally free, because you have to add a data plan but it is still a great deal.

I am going to start adding video’s to my arsenal of weight loss information.  I did a quick video on how to add additional meals to the My Fitness Pal App.

I am going to add to this video series because there is so much you can do with this app it’s amazing.

Here is my 1st instructional video:

If you have any ideas or questions you would like me to do a short instructional video on let me know.


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