Resisting Temptation and Listener Feedback

by John Bukenas on June 15, 2015


Let's Reverse Obesity Episode 32Today is day 40 of the whole life challenge. 26 days to cheese!

I received some listener feedback.

I am Facebook friends with a lot of listeners, I always welcome feedback.  One of my most vocal listeners is Tori. Tori is a beautiful 20 something’er from Canada by the way of Australia. I love her accent.

Tori was overweight as a child, and went through her school years overweight, with all the fun that entails, but has since lost the weight and has kept it off for years now.

Tori told me that the episodes are so boring now that she can’t even listen.  But she loves Erin. (I agree with Tori)

So if I break this down, the show is boring, you are good, I must be bringing down the shows entertainment value.

Now I don’t want you to think that I only receive negative feedback.

Now I do positive feedback:

Hmj Perez

“Just listened to your last 2 episodes. Just wanted to let to you know it really touched my heart. We all go through struggles with food. Your honesty is refreshing. Personally I don’t need to hear about how great people are doing all the time. That is just not realistic. Please, please continue to do more because you are not alone.”

Enya Venn

“Hi John! I’m a fan and have listened to all your podcasts. I just wanted to suggest you have a look into the ketogenic diet (check out r/keto on reddit), it seems like something you might be interested in and might suit your lifestyle/preferences  It’s really helped me.”

John Coz Costello

“Hey John, I have been listening to your pod cast for some time and enjoy you blunt no nonsense commentary. The lapse and relapse episode really hit home. I lost 65lbs in 2011 and have gained back 31 lbs. Lately I have been gain a pound or two a week. You know the same old excuses. Blah blah..Since I listened to lapse and relapse, I have gotten back on my horse and made some positive progress and changes! I hope you are doing well. I am looking forward to your next pod cast, Its not whether you fall, it’s what you do after your fall. Failing or backsliding is not a character flaw…..quitting is!!!”

Julianne Stall

“Well your podcasts have helped me . I still have weight to lose but you have a gift. Use it please. I am sure I am not the only one who misses your podcasts and you.”

So getting back to Tori, she is not a fan of “Militant programs”  Now a couple of years ago I paid $500.00 to join “Lifestyle 180” from Leanness Lifestyle University.  That is a program run by David Greenwalt.  Now there are things about Lifestyle 180 I wasn’t crazy about, but I lost 68 pounds in a short amount of time. I since gained it back but I was at my lowest weight in a long time on that program.

Tori believes in two things eat less move more.  But Elizabeth Benson from the Primal Potential Podcast debunks this rumor on her 1st episode.

Myth We’re Debunking: Eat less & move more is the way to lose weight. If weight loss was as simple as “eat less and move more”, we probably wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic. This eat less/move more cycle has many of us chasing our tail, perpetually hungry, irritable and hormonally imbalanced.

Truth We Establish: Eating less & moving more actually works AGAINST your fat loss goals. It will likely only slow your metabolism, disturb your hormonal balance and make it harder for you to lose weight. The only people who benefit from the eat less, move more philosophy are those who write and sell the books pushing it. For the rest of us, it keeps us trapped. We are going down an unhappy path that doesn’t lead us to our goals.

So Tori is right about me.  I have tried all kinds of fad diets and programs that really didn’t work for me.

The sixth Lifestyle Practice, starting Saturday, June 6, is to write a Positivity Journal in your reflection each day. Every day of week 6, you will write, in your Daily Reflection, 3 positive things – things you appreciate or just things you notice and are glad exist in your life.

  • John found this hard to do Erin thought it was easy breezy, well Erin does write with a pink pen!
  • They could be in any form even just a list.

To find more information about The Whole Life Challenge go to Whole Life Challenge

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